About iAccept

What is iAccept?

iAccept is a patent pending portal solely for providing employers and job seekers with a third party authentication service. The business process is the intellectual property of iAccept Softwares (P) Ltd. and the patent & IP rights vests with the company.

How we operate?

We offer third party authentication service to employers. For any contract, the offer and acceptance of the contract is certified and the computerized system ensures that multiple acceptances are not made by the receiver of the offer. Confidentiality of individual job seekers is guaranteed as employers do not have access to data pertaining to the individual, other than what the job seeker has shared with the prospective employer. No fee is payable by the job seeker to the portal for availing our services.

How secure are we?

This is an SSL certified site, where all transactions are secure. Complete confidentiality of the offerer and acceptor is maintained by the system. The confidentiality, integrity and security of personal data are of paramount importance to us. As a natural extension of this, we have designed and implemented holistic, in-depth and metric based information security, audit, compliance and risk programs.