Job-seeker’s Corner

Registering on iAccept is a one-time effort and is absolutely free for the individual. The registration does not take more than 3 minutes and no resume, etc. has to be uploaded.

When you receive an offer through iAccept, you can use the portal to generate the following documents at any point of time in your lifelong career. The offers that you receive will also be complete with clearly agreed dates of acceptance and joining.

1. Generate service letters
2. Use the portal for taking out your experience letters
3. Send regret, in case you do not want to accept a particular offer.
4. Send in your resignation, when you want to separate from the current organization

If your records are blemish less, you will always maintain a perfect iAccept score comprising of credibility index and ethics score.
This is actually your “Vault on Cloud” of all your important career documents

              IAccept Score

              Experience Letter

              Service Letter

              Campus Hiring

              Follow up After Offer