Code of Ethics


As an organization, we will maintain positive, open, and value-added communication at all times and establish standards for ethical behaviour and integrity

We take pride in according individual respect, trust and teamwork.

We endeavour to sustain a work environment founded on dignity and respect for all employees

We help to make employees feel their jobs are important and cultivate the full potential of all employees

We encourage individual pursuit of work/life balance

We enable the well-being of individuals and their families through compensation, benefits, policies and practices

We appreciate and recognize the contributions of people who work here

We encourage employees to get involved in community endeavours

We consider the human toll when making business decisions

Job Seekers

I affirm that I have not and will not misrepresent about my educational qualifications.

I affirm that I have not and will not misrepresent about my employment status or my past or current employers

I shall always strive to keep my word and will honour any commitments made and believe that this is the foundation of my personal integrity.

I will not lay blame, try to justify, or give excuses. I will take prompt actions to innovate and improve to achieve better results. I will be accountable and I will take full responsibility to initiate all necessary actions.