Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the job seeker can register directly on the portal and the account is normally activated with 24 hours. Registration for individuals is FREE
If the candidate does not have a PAN number, then it is likely the candidate is a fresh graduate from campus. In such a case, the college registration number is required. The college name will be available in the drop down menu. The college names are prefilled by the Portal Administrator.
The system generates a password and emails the same to the candidate to his registered email ID.

Independent 3rd party certifying portal

All employee rights protected

Secure database

No data of candidate shared with employer, other than what the candidate shares directly

Employer – candidate transaction confidential

Saves embarrassment for candidate  while communicating with prospective employer about non acceptance of an offer

System relays information to all employers as soon as candidate accepts an offer.

Regret information relayed is just a message that the candidate is “unable to accept your offer”. Acceptance message is sent to only one by the system

Login and check whether the candidate to whom you want to roll an offer is already registered at the Portal. To check this, you would need ONLY the PAN # of the job seeker (candidate).
  1. Go to the "Roll Offer" section and input the PAN # of the candidate. If the candidate is already registered, the system will display the name and the status. The name is hyperlinked. You may click on the name and another window opens, with an option to "Issue Offer"
  2. If the candidate is not registered at the portal, the system will display a message "Currently there exists no candidates for the given search criteria.
  3. At this point, go to "Register Candidate" section. Here you will need these mandatory details:

    PAN #

    Full Name

    Date of Birth

    Correspondence Address

    Mobile #

    Email ID

On his login page, he sees his brief profile as registered by the employer. {Address, mobile #, email ID etc.) These can be edited by the candidate, except the name & PAN #. He can view all offers under “Current Offers”.

The candidate has to approach the employer, whose job offer he has already accepted, and request a “Release” from the contract. If the employer agrees, then the employer can release the candidate from the contract. This request can be passed to the prospective employer through the portal itself.
The system generates an auto generated email to all other employers, informing that the candidate is not in a position to accept the offer. It will NOT inform any other details of the acceptance of offer by the candidate to any employer. The system will generate an Acceptance certificate and email the same only to the employer, whose offer he has accepted. It will also allow the candidate to print the certificate for his reference.
Very secure. We use encryption when transferring your data / files and when they are stored. Once your data / files are safely stored with us, they can only be accessed using the unique links sent by us.
This is a combination of Credibility score & Ethics Index.

Credibility Score is determined as a % of "No Shows" of the total number of job offers that you have accepted.
If you have communicated on time and got your offers cancelled / or regretted offers, then you would not have
been a "No Show" for any employer. Your Credibility score will remain at 100 %.

Eg: If, in your career, you have accepted 5 offers till date and honored 4, but did not show up for 1, even after accepting the offer and confirming your date of joining, the prospective employer may flag you as "No show" .
This will happen only when you fail to communicate your changed plan, at least 15 days before joining.
In this scenario, your credibility score will be 80 %.

Ethics Index is computed, only when someone after joining an Organization, absconds from work, without proper resignation and settlement of dues. So if anyone absconds once, then the Ethics Index will be 90 for the individual.